“Batman 3″ Actor Christian Bale and His Wife Mourn Shooting Victims

July 24, Christian Bale and his wife participated in the commemoration of condolences to the shooting victims of the “Batman”. This memorial will be dedicated to the shooting victims. James Holmes, 24-year-old More »


A Little Monkey Found Hidden Camera Posing and Grining

In the island of Pacific Kalimantan, a little monkey found a human hidden camera, instead of showing anger and manic, it calmly looked to one side, posed and grinned towards the lens. More »

2012-07-23 Saint Tropez France Rihanna 03

Rihanna Was Wearing a Bikini Appearance on The Street Being Onlookers

July 24 French, Rihanna the day before yesterday came to the French resort St. Tropez, and yacht out to sea with large class friend. One of them is the NBA basketball star More »


Madonna Incarnation Cheerleader Tour Scotland

July 21 Edinburgh, Scotland, Madonna arrived in Scotland for her 2012 MDNA concert. Madonna incarnated the cheerleader, dancing and shaking buttocks under fans screaming. More »


“Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” the Premiere Shooting Incident

July 20 Colorado, The premiere of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” happened shootings incident, 12 people were killed and 38 injured, the youngest of the dead was only 12 years old. 24-year-old More »

Bingo Is Popular In The United Kingdom

Bingo, which was invented in 1929, is a game that can be played with a lot of people together. Even the rules of Bingo evolved somewhat in the aspect of the integrity and prizes, the rules of playing Bingo are pretty standard. There is a Bingo caller, who grabs a ball from a basket and announces the letter and the number on the ball. The players will mark the called letter and number on the spots of their purchased cards. The procedure is repeated until one of the players fills all the spots in his or her card. Then this player shouts out ‘BINGO’ to claim the prize of the game.

Bingo is essentially a game of chance. The game is not complicated enough so that you can beat the rules and system. However, there are some tips to improve your winning chances: firstly, try to play in a game that has fewer players and a smaller group. But since the prize of a Bingo game is usually the percentage of Bingo cards’ sales, your winning prize will be smaller even though you have improved your winning odds. Secondly, try to play as many cards as possible to increase your winning chances. However, sometimes this is impossible since some online Bingo games may limit the maximum cards that you can play.BingoIsPopular3

No matter what, a lot of people still like to play Bingo because the game can make people felt relaxed. Also, because the more people, the merrier, you can enjoy a good time with a bunch of friends. Bingo is especially popular in the United Kingdom. The 888ladies is one of the excellent Bingo website. Currently it is doing makeover and the details are keeping as a secret until it is done. So pay close attention on 888ladies or you just grab a cup of coffee to play the game on the site instead of going out in winter.


Victoria Beckham PK Miley Cyrus On Bambi Awards 2013

Victoria Beckham and Miley Cyrus attend the Bambi Awards 2013 at Stage Theater on November 14, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.













Bingo – Good Luck and Make Fun

bingo1 I was once a volunteer working at weekend in a small casino which owns a big hall and a small restaurant. The major game is bingo which is well known old game playing worldwide. The old people meet their friends together at weekend, spending a small amount of money to play, talking with bingo lovers to get rid of loneliness and making fun. The lucky guys or gals can win enough money to sponsor their next trip. Nowadays, it is getting more popular for young people to celebrate birthdays by playing bingo. However, the weak point is that you will have to go somewhere to play the game no matter how bad the weather is. Can I play games at home? The answer is YES.

Internet is not only changing the work methods but also your life style including casino games. Online bingo sites are accepted by the most bingo lovers. You can play it in whatever place at whatever time you want. is one of the best of these sites. You will get the following benefits by the online sites.

  • Play the game at anytime, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Play the game with the players who come from all over the world.
  • Smoking is never banned while playing the game.
  • Play your favorites no matter how bad the weather is.
  • Easily switch to other games
  • Always get bonuses or promotions.

Foxy Bingo is the top online game site in UK. It provides a 200% welcome bonus to newcomers. For example, when you deposit $10, you will get $20 bonus right Bingo3away. Furthermore, unlike other game site, you don’t have to download and install any software. Instead, you can play the game on the site directly. It reduces the possibility to bring in virus, Trojan or adware. At last, let us lesson to what the winner said on the site.

“I was delighted to win $1000 on my first day of playing Foxy Bingo! It was a great start to saving for a deposit I need to buy a house! The $300 I won on the second day was fantastic too!”

So what are you waiting for? Just go to Foxy bingo to register an account and start to make fun.

Muhammad Ali and David Beckham Appeared in A London Awards Ceremony

July 23 night London, former boxing champion Muhammad Ali and superstar David Beckham commonly put the “Generation Ali of Beyond the Sport Award” trophy to Matiullah Haidar, a guy from Afghanistan, to reward him for his contribution to sports undertakings. This is also the Muhammad Ali the first public appearance on the eve of 2012 London Olympic Games.

“Batman 3″ Actor Christian Bale and His Wife Mourn Shooting Victims

July 24, Christian Bale and his wife participated in the commemoration of condolences to the shooting victims of the “Batman”. This memorial will be dedicated to the shooting victims. James Holmes, 24-year-old Bachelor of Medicine, killed 12 people, and 58 people were injured.